Best Hospital to Treat Prostate Cancer in Europe

Prostate cancer continues to be a severe problem in modern medicine. Unfortunately, malignant tumors still occupy the second place in the world in the causes of death. However, leading cancer clinics abroad demonstrate much more encouraging statistics: a significant part of their patients successfully survives the 5-year milestone without relapses. In addition, doctors can significantly improve the quality of life in the most advanced stages of prostate cancer, alleviating the most severe symptoms.

These successes are primarily due to the following:

  • highly qualified medical experts of international class;
  • compliance with the level of personnel and technical equipment of clinics, and applied for the treatment programs with the strictest international standards;
  • collegial and personalized approach to the treatment plan for each patient;
  • rapid introduction of scientific achievements into clinical practice.

Patients often choose Germany, Israel, and Poland for prostate cancer treatment abroad. That is because these countries have achieved the best results in the fight against cancer. In the list of services of these European clinics, you can find proton and targeted therapy and the latest developments in radiotherapy: Cyber and Gamma knife. Treatment abroad is expensive but has several advantages.

TOP-10 best hospitals for prostate cancer treatment in Germany

Germany is the most popular destination on the map of European medical tourism. In this country, there is the strictest control over the quality of medicines and the level of qualification of doctors. As a result, the departments of clinics specializing in prostate cancer treatment in Germany are equipped with the latest equipment, and their doctors use effective techniques.

In the rankings presented below, each has notable achievements in the treatment of prostate cancer and one-of-a-kind specialists who have made significant discoveries. All this should be taken into account when choosing a hospital.

1University Hospital ChariteBerlin
2Beta ClinicBonn
3Hospital of Goethe-UniversityFrankfurt-am-Main
4University Hospital Ludwig-MaximiliansMunich
5University Hospital rechts der IsarMunich
6Vivantes HospitalBerlin
7Oncological and Haematological Praxis ClinicBonn
8Helios HospitalKrefeld
9University HospitalMarburg
10Nordwest HospitalFrankfurt-am-Main

TOP-10 best hospitals for prostate cancer treatment in Israel

In Israeli cancer clinics, a large interdisciplinary team of doctors with the most modern diagnostic equipment works with each cancer patient. All their efforts aim to select an individual treatment plan and save the patient’s life.

Specialists of prominent cancer centers apply innovative methods of radiation, targeted therapy, resort to organ-preserving operations, and such unique technologies as Lutetium 177 therapy, which is not available in every country.

1Hadassah University Medical CentreJerusalem
2Ichilov Sourasky Medical CentreTel Aviv
3Rambam Health CareHaifa
4SHEBA Medical CentreRamat Gan
5Assuta Medical CenterTel Aviv
6Herzliya Medical CenterHerzliya
7Meir Medical CenterKfar Saba
8Rabin Medical Center BeilinsonPetah Tikva
9Soroka University Medical CenterBeersheba
10Shaare Zedek Medical CenterJerusalem

TOP-10 best hospitals for prostate cancer treatment in Poland

Oncological departments of Polish hospitals use advanced methods to diagnose the stage and type of cancer accurately. They can determine the localization of the prostate tumor with an accuracy of 2 mm, detect the presence of metastases up to 1 mm in size, and identify damage to surrounding tissues.

In addition, prostate cancer treatment in Poland is carried out with the help of innovative linear accelerators that allow you to direct a hefty dose of radiation directly to the malignant formation. That gives a chance to destroy the maximum number of cancer cells and minimize the impact on healthy organs. It also uses unique immunotherapy to fight prostate tumors, activating the human immune system and stopping pathological cell development.

The level of equipment of the country’s hospitals corresponds to American hospitals. At the same time, the prices for prostate cancer treatment here are lower than in Germany and Israel.

1University HospitalKrakow
2Greater Poland Cancer CentrePoznan
3Maria Sklodowska-Curie Memorial Institute of OncologyWarsaw
4John Paul II HospitalKrakow
5KCM ClinicWroclaw
6Gamma Knife CenterWarsaw
7Clinic HIFU Prostate Cancer Treatment CenterWarsaw
8Oncology Center Franciszek LukaszczykBydgoszcz
9Oncology CenterLublin
10Gamma Knife Exira CenterKatowice

Benefits of medical tourism

Tens of thousands of patients travel abroad yearly for quality medicare. Such interest is due to a weighty argument – the medical infrastructure of Europe and Israel. It is one of the best worldwide.

Competent organization of treatment abroad will help to make the right choice of clinic, specialists, and the volume of necessary medical services, based on the characteristics of the clinical case.

The following facts speak in favor of prostate cancer treatment abroad:

  • high level of health care that meets all international standards;
  • latest discoveries of prostate cancer treatment;
  • highly qualified medical staff, regularly improving their qualifications, and an impeccable level of training of all medical personnel;
  • modern diagnostic methods, express diagnostics, various research programs, and therapeutic tactics;
  • a wide range and the highest quality of diagnostic and therapeutic measures;
  • high level of patient comfort, attentive attitude, and individual approach.

When choosing a clinic for prostate cancer treatment, it is essential to focus on the following:

  • The qualification of an oncologist. Find out about the doctor’s experience — the number of years of experience, the percentage of prostate cancer patients he helped recover.
  • Methods are available at the medical center. It is essential to receive the most effective treatment and not the only possible one within a particular hospital. The clinic should use: low-traumatic surgery, remote and contact radiation therapy, HIFU, chemo, hormone, immunotherapy, and cryoablation.
  • Level of equipment. The clinic must have the latest medical equipment for the treatment to be as effective as possible and with minimal risk of complications.
  • Reviews of prostate cancer Read the stories of patients undergoing therapy and surgery in a hospital. Ask about the medical staff and the level of service.

Prostate cancer treatment abroad is the use of the best achievements of the medical industry that exist at the moment. An integrated approach and a combination of several techniques will provide a high chance of recovery.


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